Causey Law Firm Practice Areas

Experienced and Approachable Representation

General Counsel Services

Every business deals with legal and regulatory matters. Unfortunately, not every business can afford to have a full time attorney on staff. The Causey Law Firm offers general counsel to businesses that otherwise may not be able to take advantage of having in-house counsel.

After a free consultation to determine your needs, Your business will pay a flat fee to our attorney who will be “on-call” to answer questions and provide you legal advice any time you need it. When you need more detailed representation, you will have the full services of the law firm led by the attorney who is acting as your general counsel.Utilizing Causey Law Firm’s general counsel services provides several benefits to your business.

Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Savings for your business: By paying a flat-fee to one of our attorneys, you know what you will spend on legal fees. Paying by the hour can add up quickly. This will help you focus on discussing your needs with the attorney as opposed to worrying about how much the phone call is costing you.
  • Saving you time: With our general counsel services, once we establish a relationship, when you need something done, you can pick up the phone and call. You won’t have to search for the “right” attorney to help you with various issues.
  • Help avoiding costly litigation: With an ongoing relationship with one of our attorneys, they will be able to learn your business; potentially helping you avoid costly litigation.

General Counsel Services

  • Reviewing contracts.
  • Drafting contracts.
  • Employment issues.
  • Federal and State regulatory compliance matters.

Regulatory and Government Affairs

The Causey Law Firm has more than a decade experience working with businesses and individuals dealing with government rules, regulations and policies. We know how government works. From helping ensure proper interpretation of complex regulations, to navigating the intricacies of recently passed state and federal laws, the Causey Firm can assist your business to interpret, respond and proactively engage in the process to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your bottom line.

Experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Advising businesses on complex OSHA regulations
  • Analyzing, and responding to proposed FDA food safety regulations
  • Developing and drafting legislation to ensure Arkansas businesses can benefit from certain Arkansas tax incentives.
  • Drafting and ultimately passing into law, legislation to strengthen country of origin labeling laws in Arkansas.

Social Security Disability

You have worked hard and paid into social security for years. Now, when you need the benefits of the safety net, you have been denied. The Causey firm utilizes more than two decades of experience helping hard working Arkansans fight for the benefits they have earned.

If you have been injured and are unable to work, Social Security Disability may be available to you or certain members of your family. Whether you are applying for SSD or have already been denied, we can assist you secure the benefits that you may be entitled to. Call us today for a free consultation.

Immigration & Guest Worker Programs

The Causey Firm utilizes more than two decades of experience working on immigration employment issues. Many Agri-businesses throughout Arkansas utilize guest worker programs to ensure an adequate workforce for planting and harvest. The work visa process can be time consuming and frustrating. If you need assistance navigating through immigration issues, call us today for a free consultation.